Buyer match TOOL

People choose wine to buy a specific bottle of wine for one of six reasons.

Do you know which reason is most important to that wine drinker in front of you? If not, this is the tool to help.

You can create the most fun wine tasting experiences. You can select the yummiest of wines.

But, more is needed to close the sale.

The brand, price and the unique qualities of a wine are all factors in wine buying. Do you know what to say about these items, to that wine drinker in front of you, that will get them to “pull the trigger” and buy?

Understanding how an individual wine drinker makes their buying decision will supercharge your business and increase your revenue per taster. If you know this about the person in front of you, you will always present them with the right bottle that matches their preferences.

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This tool segments wine buying styles into six segments and matches each to bottles.

There are over 4,000 bottles to choose from in this tool. So, you’re sure to find the right bottle for any wine buyer.

Here are some reasons why you need this tool:

Increase revenue per taster:

Have you ever had a taster tell you the wine was yummy, but did not buy it? That won’t happen anymore if you use this tool. It will help you sell more bottles per taster, increasing your revenue by 2x or even 3x. 

Improve customer loyalty:

Using this tool, you will become known as the wine consultant that always selects the best bottles. Customers love to buy from the person that has the best product that meets their needs. That will be you!

Make sales easier and quicker:

Your tasters likely don’t know as much about wine as you do. They may not know what they like or need. This tool will give you clues about how to point them in the right direction. Rather than going in circles about what they need, you can quickly hone in on bottles that will suit them. 

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