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“Uh-oh. We might die here.”

We had driven miles of pitted desert roads to get to this winery. But this property was overrun with dozens, maybe hundreds of Sequioa-tall pines dripping with moss. Some of the tree were so close that no sun reached the dust underneath them. How was this happening in a place that gets about as much rain as Phoenix?

We walked into the open basement door of what looked like an abandoned house. Inside was a woman wearing a pink sequin cowboy hat standing in the center of several whooshing industrial fans. All of the wine was stting on the floor. And all of the bottles were missing labels.

Her explanation of the scene went like this: there was a flood. Bottles got wet and the labels fell off. The hat? She was in a parade earlier that day. But she offered to sign the bottle in silver marker.

We left with a dozen or so bottles….

That’s why wine tasting is so enchanting at vinetutor. Where else could you have an experience that starts like a horror story and ends with hand-signed shiners of red wine?

If you can give your taster half of the experience we had that day, your popularity, and your revenue will increase. That what we’re focused on at vinetutor.com. This is not just a dry site with technical information about wine.

This site is designed to help you become a master of the wine tasting experience. Check out our free resources to get a sense of the tools we offer. If you like them, consider taking our course on wine tasting as a business.

If there’s something we don’t have that you’d like to see, reach out. We’d love to hear from you.

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I work at VineTutor.com. Let me tell you a story about wine tasting.

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