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Tasters tool

This tool segments wine varietals by the kind of tasters that will enjoy them. These are the segments used: sweet, hypersensitive, sensitive and tolerant. Over 150+ varietals covered. 

Buyers tool

This tool segments over 4,000 bottles by the buying segments that would be interested in purchasing them from you.

Mega Wine List

Sortable  and filterable descriptions of 150+ wines and their characteristics. 

PDF of the Mega Wine List

A print-friendly version of the Mega Wine list

Wine Tasting Note Sheet

This wine tasting printable will expand your tasting skills. It covers the important steps in appreciating wine: sight, smell and taste.

Old World Wine Name Cheat Sheet

Have you ever been confused about the difference between a Brunello, a Barbaresco and a Barolo? Old World wine names can be confusing. This list below has the most common Old World wine names you’ll encounter. Have a quick look at this list to learn what you need to know. 

How to Find Wine Gems Cheat Sheet

 Get this concise printable with tips on how to find your next favorite wine. These are fun ideas that will improve your wine exploration infinitely. 

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